Living Dior

I photographed a personal shoot for Bradley Doir a little while ago and was lucky enough to shoot at African Pride 15 on Orange. Our shoot was originally going to be at some very old ruins but it was postponed due to the weather and moved to the following day to an indoors location. I realised that I am on call at all times as a photographer as I found myself re-organising everything with the client early hours of the morning (he messaged me at 2am to postpone the 10am shoot!!) I found myself very frustrated as I always bend over backwards to make my clients happy, but the miracle work I pulled off to get the venue and everything re-organised was worth it when I met Bradley. A super sweet client who was so easy to work with and needed very little directing. We ended up having a lovely day at the hotel shooting in the different areas and I am SO glad that we changed locations as the new setting suited Bradley and his glam lifestyle perfectly!!


It is known that this hotel is my favourite place to be and it was great working with their venue. Bradley came all the way from Vredenburg (near Paternoster) to shoot with me – I am so grateful to have such amazing clients!!


Photoshoots are unpredictable and you can plan everything to the finest detail but at the last minute there is always something that throws a spanner in the works, be it the weather or a cancellation or anything. This moment of immense pressure and stress of re-organising and sourcing things always happens for a reason and I find myself understanding why certain things went wrong to produce us with the best results!


Here are a few images from Bradley Dior’s shoot:











It was lovely working with Bradley & his friend, Go Team!











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