Baked on Shoes

You may have already read Aisha’s latest post about her mad shoe collection but I had to share this on my own blog too. Aisha and I photographed this idea recently and it really made me understand how shoes and the subject of them brings all girls together no matter what age; friends or strangers!

I love reading people’s comments on Aisha’s latest shoots with myself, and when I read an instagram she put up of our shoes shoot that day I saw how it really brought all girls together, talking about their love of shoes and how many they have as well as their faves and number of shoes they have… I could go on about shoes alllll day (many of the Baked The Blog followers know about my love for shoes as most of my style scouting at events consists of shoes shoes shoes!!!!)

Here is the image we created: LOVE LOVE LOVE


The image really explains us as a team: edgy, fun, fashionable… and our mutual love for shoes (mine is more of an obsession)

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  1. dig it major! that looks like a net-a-porter ad shot, nicely done!

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