It Was Snowing Foam

While in Port Elizabeth I snuck in a little moment to photograph a lookpost for the blogger Londam-Holland . We were lucky enough to get through to outfits in the horrible weather PE gave me BUT it resulted in the most awesome images!

We started out first look at the Pier where it was so windy, and the sea was so rough it was literally snowing foam!


I think when I suggested the Pier to Nokubonga she though “oh no not that tourist attraction” BUT how stunning was our environment that morning?! I think she was pleasantly surprised at how we took a cliche attraction and turned into something fierce.


We had fun experimenting with different poses that showed her own personality as well as her wardrobe items.


I completely fell in love with this watch and neeed to get my hands on one from this website.


The wind was unpleasant and really kept up to the gale force wind that the “Windy City” boasts but instead of postponing we seized the moment and trusted that everything happens for a reason to help us create the best images possible. I just love how the wind created some movement in her dress instead of the usual simple and sometimes boring images ( it added that little extra something to the image).


I thoroughly enjoyed shooting in a different city, not necessarily unfamiliar as I lived in this little town for some time and have always had close family there but I was inspired by all of the new locations and opportunities and will definitely be returning soon to shoot a few more stories!

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