Intern week 1

As you all know I have been extremely quiet for the past few weeks, not only is Aisha taking a little break from our Baked The Blog shoots but I also took a 1 week working holiday (I don’t go on holiday, I work while away trying to trick myself into thinking I am having a break). As I arrived back I went straight into interning at the You Magazine in Chu Suwannapha’s Fashion Department. I decided to get more insight and a deeper understanding as to what went on before and after my role as a photographer in the magazine industry- some call me crazy but I call it passion and dedication.

My first week was draining, amazing, inspiring, stressful; and everything I imagined and more!

I won’t let all my secrets out just yet but I was able to snap a few behind the scenes images of what I got up to while interning.

I found it extremely humbling going in as a photographer and filling the fashionable shoes of a stylist where I would have to steam clothing, source form the mall (for 5 hours!!), tape shoe soles and run up and down lifts (22 stories high). Basically I have battled to handle the fact that I am only a newbie intern in a big pond of kind, happy and fashionable faces who don’t know how much I know, what I have done in the industry, whether or not I have studied and only know that I am a little intern who may or may not know much at all.

I have LOVED my time at the offices so far and when people complain about their stressful job in this creative industry all I say is “at least you’re not an accountant” and that saying – I think- will get me through this crazy amazing opportunity to work alongside SA’s fashion icon, Chu and his team.


fb4 fb5 fb9 fn6

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my days and I want to thank all of my clients for being so patient and working around my schedule.


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