Extreme Fashion in Action

At the beginning of the month I took a trip to PE to see family, photograph some bloggers and odds & ends for clients as well as watch the VW Rally which I support every year. Rallying is one of my biggest passions aside from fashion and photography and I have always said that if photography doesn’t work out I will be racing off into the sunset and training to become the next best rally driver (a girl can dream ok?).

I thought I would post a bit about what I saw at the rally and upload a few pics that I took from the weekend…

fb10 The start of the race


Doesn’t this suit me? I got the chance to sit in Enzo Kuun’s car- a well-known rally driver.



Street racing in Jeffrey’s Bay, and the start to the night stage.


One of my fave drivers (a girl driver and her brother as navigator)


The most exciting final stage where all the cars would race each other and have obstacle like this ramp.

I hope this wasn’t too boring but I enjoy writing a little surprise out-of-the-ordinary post every now and then.

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