Weekly Wrap Up

This week, once again, was filled with Internship hours and studio shoots for You & Huisgenoot Magazine. I did, however, sneak in a shoot for Vikson Handbags and Ruby Lingerie & Accessories. Today I am off to Fashion Week with the Tgether girls- images from fashion week to be uploaded at the end of every day…


1. Charity work i do for the horses at REHORP (good images seems to get more horses adopted)

2. Squeezing in some of my own editing at the You Studio before a shoot

3. Ruby Accessories shoot

4. Another REHORP horse

5. Assisting photographers and stylists at the You Studio

6. Vikson Handbags

7. Us interns (me and Peta-Lee) dressed the same unintentionally #fashionfriends

8. Shooting in studio with CHU Styling

9. The view while taking Credits for CHU’s Shoot.

Happy Womens’ Day to all the ladies-see you at fashion week in a bit!

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