This is by far one of my favourite shoots we have done this season. I know I say this almost every time I write about Baked The Blog, but it’s true. As we work harder, push the boundaries and push ourselves to create bigger and better quality images, I tend to prefer each shoot more than the last!

1 2 3 I loved the backdrop for this shoot and had fun adding the misty hues to this story. We really wanted to make it feel as if it was a cold, icy winter and I hope we have captured it strongly enough that the viewers feel this way too. 4 5 I wanted to add a little bit of spontaneity to this shoot so I played around with a little bit of movement, very subtly. I have noticed a trend in blogs where people are trying to portray movement by jumping or their outfits are blowing in the wind, and I thought it would be nice to be different and go back to basics with this shoot. Although the poses are simple, sometimes one needs to fight the urge to be different (just like everyone else) and keep it simple and straight forward!6 7

I hope you have enjoyed the series of images we have created as a team, I cannot wait to release what we have in store for Aisha’s new website, watch this space and, in the meantime, make a booking with me for personal OR commercial shoots. I am offering bookings in Cape Town AND Port Elizabeth this July so spread the word!



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