The TomTom Club

 Robyn Dippenaar was the designer and art director behind this grunge TomTom Club inspired shoot. She designed this collection for her final year graduation show and decided to photograph it outside of the studio, allowing the garments to create their own movement and story within the environment.

1lowres 3lowres  Our Models were Salome & Emmenette and Makeup and Hair was styled by Ron’s Makeup and Hair Styling. We shot on a perfect, icy winter’s morning which turned out to be a rather hot sunny day! 10collagelowres 12bwlowres 15bwlowres 17collagelow res 18bwcollagelowres 20bw 22galaxy

I was sure to take a few good portraits and added a galaxy texture to create a bit of mystery. These portraits were taken out of the photoshoots story so I kept them in colour to keep the two separate. Creating these beauty shots sparked a new inspiration which I will be shooting next month. Watch this space for the results!

What did you think of the blurred, grunge texture I added to the images?

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