Check this – with @bakedtheblog

Aisha’s blog launched this month and we have been very busy creating some amazing content for all of her readers. We shot this look in the city early one morning, I will never forget this shoot because straight after this shoot my 50mm lens broke and life just wasn’t the same for two weeks. To give you an idea of the feeling I had without my 50mm lens, imagine two weeks wihtout your cell phone or your child! Yes, I missed this lens THAT much! Luckily I have other lenses to work with but it just wasn’t the same!! 

I collected my brand new 50mm lens yesterday and Aisha and I shot a stunning look which she will release on Friday. I invested in a polarized filter for the new lens, let me know if you can see a difference in the image quality! This shoot CANNOT be missed so be sure to have a look at her blog on Friday!!

Back to the shoot at hand- I loved the soft blurred back ground in this story, the city is such a harsh place to shoot and I tried to add a feminine touch to the location by adding a soft blur, soft lighting and colours which complimented Aishas outfit. Nothing in my work is by chance, everything is there for a reason – in this case, I wanted to tie Aisha’s look with the surroundings and therefore chose this location (see how the blue and red in the location works with her outfit).

2 3 4 5 6 8 What did you think of this shoot? Do you like to hear about MY thoughts and processes on shoots?



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