October Wrap Up

The month of October was a whirlwind of work, travel, stress and laughs. I was away for half of the month in JHB and Mossel Bay and came home to a ton of editing and more shoots to add to the mountain of post production that lay ahead. It was an exciting month for me as well as stressful – not only was I recovering from buying a replacement for my 50mm but I was burgled a week ago and my laptop, iPad and handbag was taken. You can imagine the panic and stress I have been through this week! BUT the shoots must go on and the incident hasn’t stopped me from shooting or editing. I haven’t been able to release any of my recent shoots yet, I cannot remember when last I updated my blog, but I am happy to share a little idea of what I got up to this past month as well as give you some insight to what you can expect in future!

1601297_933222066691245_7494135312382870449_n 1537928_934453676568084_7864084129734241059_o

I covered a conference event which took a small group of international MD’s and CEO’s all over Cape Town to view our most impressive tourist attractions – I was able to join them at the most stunning restaurants and locations from Shimmy, Bungalow and Cape Point to Table Mountain and helicopter rides. I thoroughly enjoyed documenting their stay for them.


I photographed the winners of the Ford Remake Challenge for Ford South Africa. See the full shoot here.

4 fb1 IMG_7110

I flew to JHB to shoot magazine content for Sliq Media. We met the most amazing people such as:

Shashi Naidoo, Vicky Crease, Owner of Babatunde – Gareth Cowden, Craft Restaurant, Hard Rock Cafe and more. If you would like to see what we did, have a look at the Sliq Media instagram account as well as my own.

I also photographed look posts for JHB bloggers such as Lynn Martin, Londam-Holland, Foyin and Mrsweethoneylife… Keep an eye on their blogs for the final edits, I will also release a few final edits once they have blogged about their outfits.

14 IMG_6835 IMG_7796 16

It was lovely to shoot in the streets of JHB for a change!


Back in CT I was inspired by the Elle Magazine #MYNY DKNY campaign and shot my own take on the model diary city life, playing on the fashion conscious, coffee culture lifestyle.


I shot for Holdfast SA to promote their new Bike Carrier as well as their Brand Ambassadors Tarryn Kyte and Tom King. When my laptop got stolen these images where only backed up to my hard drive (which went with my laptop) and I lost all of the images from this shoot… thanks to ORMS recovery service I was able to scan my memory card and out of pure luck I was able to recover this shoot! I cannot explain the feeling of happiness and relief when I saw these images appear! Never store your work with your laptop, lock it far away and add it to iCloud or dropbox asap!!


I photographed a beautiful wedding which will be announced in a magazine very soon, I cannot wait to release these images. I was honored to be chosen by this couple to document and be a part of their secret special day…


I covered the student night event at Topshop (images can be found on the Topshop Facebook page).

Things to look forward to this month:

Shoots with regular clients such as @BakedTheBlog, a wedding, a lot of events, a swimsuit shoot and street style.

Have a fab November!



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