Sandton Streets with @foyinog & about Tegan Smith Photography

While visiting JHB I worked with a few bloggers and creatives in the industry. Many people seem to believe that I am an inhouse photographer for a creative influencer in Cape Town and therefore believe that I do not shoot for anyone else. I am hoping to break this reputation as many people do not contact me due to the belief that I only shoot for one website. I am a freelance photographer and run my own business which allows me the freedom to shoot with whoever may need my services.  Please help me spread the word – ” I am a freelance photographer who may be hired by anyone to photograph for them, be it a blogger outfit, products, events, fashion, campaigns and lifestyle shoots.

Back to the shoot at hand…On my recent business trip to JHB I met and photographed a beautiful blogger called Foyin. We decided to shoot in the streets of Sandton with heavy dark clouds threatening the arrival of a JHB summer storm. This provided the perfect light for a dreamy street style effect with a beautiful reflection on all of the glass buildings that surrounded us. Foyin was great to work with as she was tall, natural and not afraid of the camera. I loved the splash of red in her images which compliments the bright red bag she had!

IMG_7799 IMG_7787 IMG_7796 fb1

Please have a look at Foyin’s post about our shoot here.

Many JHB bloggers and creatives missed me while I was in JHB and required shoots once I arrived back in CT, if you would like me to email you when I am in JHB next, please email me via and I will add you to my JHB mailing list.



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