Evening Lights






I attended the CK event to cover the new store based in the V&A Waterfront for a Joburg based company called Sliq Media. My most recent visit to Joburg was to photograph content for this company and I should be visiting again early next year for the same reason. I will also be taking bookings outside of Sliq Media so be sure to contact me if you would like to shoot.

Sliq Media will be giving a write up about the CK store launch so keep an eye on their Facebook page and Instagram for the link.

I bumped into Baked The Blog at the event and, naturally, we shot a look post. With our busy schedules lately we take full advantage of being at the same place at the same time. If you have shot with me before you will know I am all about my natural light but this shoot threw me off a little as it was sunset and I needed to use my flash if I wanted everyone to see those beautiful city lights!

I have a true hate for on-camera flash, it is not my style, but when in need, one has no choice but to use it. I loved the striking images that resulted especially that Aisha’s outfit could have blended into the dark background very easily. The flash gave her outfit and her look an edginess that complimented the dark sky and soft evening lights.

Have a look at the final edits below:1 2 3 4  6 7 8  9See Aisha’s write up on the CK event here

Follow Sliq Media here

It seems all I have done this past month or two is shoot with Baked the Blog (which I have) but I do have some awesome shoots from other clients to share with you all once the clients have released them. Watch. This. Space.


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