Elrico & Ritza’s Special Day




I am excited to finally release these images from Elrico and Ritza’s special day. I had to keep this shoot a secret for at least three weeks until they announced their marriage, no sneak peeks, no tweets, no telling anyone!! But finally, today I am able to share a few final edits with you.

On the day of their vow exchange we met at the beachfront for some pre-ceremony photos. Ritza looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress that was designed by Elrico himself. 1text 2text 3text

We arrived at their venue in Philadelphia and photographed a few family photos and details of Ritza’s dress (this would be – and currently is- in the Get It Magazine)4text

We photographed special details of the day and the vow exchange…5text 6text 7text

…and then it was my favourite part of the day… sunset and the couples shoot!8text 9text 10text 11text 12text 13text 14text 15text 16textNext year I will be taking on more weddings, I have done quite a few since I began freelancing and due to popular demand I have decided to officially offer the service and advertise it as in the past, I would only photograph weddings for those who took a chance and asked if I do so.

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day, capture your memories and tell your story!



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