Sun & Swimwear


I shot this test with international model, Anna. We collaborated with local brand, Cleopatra Bikinis, on a beautiful summers day. 7bw  3 3cropbw   6bw 84

I wanted to create a warm, summer scene – capturing a summer’s day. I have had a few photographic ideas in mind and hope to carry them out this year. For this particular shoot, the makeup artist informed me of car trouble two hours before the shoot (these sort of things always happen) and one has to learn to make do and create the best that they can with what one has at hand. The makeup was the most important aspect of the shoot so I was unable to create what I originally envisioned. I loved the result in any case! I am looking for a strong team of Makeup, hair and styling for this year – reliable people, hard working people – that are passionate about every shoot booked, paid or unpaid. If you are one of these people, email me and we can collaborate!



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