Sparkling dreams


I have had a few photographic ideas that I have wanted to shoot and this was one of them. Aisha and I have been working together for over two years and have always wanted to shoot with sparklers. I was very excited to shoot this while on holiday in Port Elizabeth.

Timing and location were everything, so we met as the sun set on the edge of the valley and began shooting right away. We only had three sets of sparklers and this was our first attempt at shooting with sparklers- no pressure.

After shooting two tests, our third and final attempt resulted in these gorgeous moments. I found that instead of directing as we were shooting, Aisha and I discussed her movements and poses before we lit the sparklers and snapped away. This resulted in spontaneous images capturing moments, not poses.

1 2 4bw 5 7 9

Behind the scenes:

fb1 Safety is everything to me so I brought along my boyfriend to keep an eye out as it became darker, we also didn’t think of organizing a lighter (I know right?!) so luckily he had one for us!b2 We shot some tests just before the sun set. You can see in this image that it was just a little too light.  fb3Finally the sun set and we could shoot our third and final attempt. We also moved from the grassy edge of the valley to a platform so that it was easier to move around… Aisha always amazes me with her heels, she can do anything and shoot anywhere in them!

I am taking bookings for themed shoots like the above so email me for specials rates… think Valentines Day, friendship shoots, fashion and even vouchers.



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