Fashion at The J&B Met 2015

 On the weekend I attended the 2015 J&B Met. I spent the day photographing all of the interesting outfits and fashion. The theme for this years event was “Made for the Mix” which introduced the new J&B Honey which was served in the most delicious, fruity cocktails. The fashion for the day was a mix of over the top themed outfits and on-trend carefully styled looks. I focused on details such as hats, shoes, interesting outfits and a popular trend for the day- sheer.

I thought I would start off with my sister’s look. She put together a stunning mix of glits & glamour and sneakers which was inspired by the Honey J&B and theme for the day – “made for the mix”.12 I watched a few races and captured interesting details of the day. I bumped into a few fashion friends and captured some great portraits….11IMG_9510 TeeteeIsWithMe & TheThreadedManIMG_9490IMG_9489IMG_9488IMG_9479IMG_9473IMG_9470IMG_9466IMG_9465IMG_946210StuurmanStyleDiary9 78 Acoutstics Element Left and Right. Middle: Chad Saaiman6 Tanika Hoffman & Ashley Haigh Smith




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