fb1  I visited the Magnum Pop Up store in Cavendish Square with 5 lovely ladies recently. We were treated to a VIP experience with our very own booth and champagne  to begin with. I had not visited the limited-time-only pop up store so I was first in line to create my very own Magnum masterpiece!IMG_9129  The Store is located on the first floor of Cavendish Square and is best visited during the week to avoid the queue of “Magnum pleasure seekers”.  The store will be in Cavendish from January 17th to March 17th 2015 so be sure to visit and, if you DO find yourself in a queue, it is most certainly worth the wait with 20 toppings to select from, friendly staff, a Photo Booth and a tasty treat!IMG_9130  The process:

– A choice of three scoops of toppings are chosen (they also allow an option for half scoops so one could have 6 half scoops or three normal scoops.

– Your ice cream flavour is selected

– Your dipping sauce is selected (dark, milk chocolate, or white chocolate)

– Your toppings are sprinkled

– Your selected sauce is drizzled on top (dark, milk chocolate, or white chocolate)

– A chocolate Magnum button is added (Dark chocolate or white chocolate)

I opted for a white chocolate ice cream, white chocolate coating with coconut flakes, black pepper and pistachio nuts, caramel crunch cashews and goji berries as my toppings. They then drizzled dark chocolate sauce over my creation and topped it with a cute little magnum button. I took it to the Photo Booth right away and snapped some pics of my ice cream before it melted. IMG_9136 IMG_9138 IMG_9139 IMG_9140 IMG_9144 The store is open daily from 10am – 8pm and when you visit the store be sure to snap a selfie in their photo booth frame and hashtag it #MakeMyMagnumSA to spread the love!

Thanks @TammyB for a fabulous ladies morning!



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