Ford EcoSport

I test drove this gorgeous car for one week this month and I got to learn a little more about the features and understand the hype over the Ford EcoSport. Before testing the car I already knew a few of it’s features and loved the exterior look of the car so I was very keen to spend some time with it and find out more! If you’re not into cars, enjoy the pretty pictures and have a read while scrolling down…


Basic info:

The Ford EcoSport received it’s name from it’s eco friendly engine using 5.6 litres of fuel per 100km. It has a three cylinder engine which produces 90kw of power (an impressive amount of power for such a small engine) and produces only 131mg of CO2 emissions. The car is nicknamed “the urban SUV” as it has features which are well suited for city living and would best suit drivers who need a car that is big, but not TOO big, the EcoSport being bigger than the Fiesta but smaller than the Kuga.


Compared to my current car, a tractor is likely to be more luxurious so the EcoSport was a dream to drive. I spent a day reading the drivers manual and researching information about the car (I’m a nerd like that) to find out about features I didn’t know as well as find out what all of the buttons and dials did in the car. Below are some of the features I learnt about and loved:


– A spacious interior (perfect for my photoshoots).

– Ready for city driving with its 20 compartments to hide items in. Clutter free interior = safety as well as cup holders in doors and the centre console which are perfect for the on-the-go coffee drinkers like myself.

– Cooled glove compartment and storage under the front passenger seat (perfect to hide a handbag under while driving)


– Multi function steering wheel & automatic headlights (a dream to have while focusing on the busy road)

– Hill decent and hill launch assist was a feature I loved most allowing a 3 second window to pull away before rolling (genius)

– Cruise control


– side mirrors have blind spot indicators and the rear of the car has parking sensors which I found very useful as I was not used to the blind spots but adapted quickly by using the features.


– A common dislike is the small boot which I didn’t have too much of a problem with as the seats can be folded to make more room and the boot opens effortlessly with a push button on the right of the car.

– The seating position (aimed at the ladies) allows one to feel higher off the ground and drive over obstacles rather than around them be it a pavement for city parking or a ditch, it has a 200mm ground clearance so with good judgement one is able to go through these obstacles that most cars would have to avoid. 7 8 9

– The sleek, clean interior, sync and the many usb ports. Sync allows voice control – have messages read out to you or to play your favorite music, it can all be done without taking your hand off the steering wheel12interior  11

The Ford EcoSport was a lovely car to test and the general love for the eco friendly car is understandable. Saving on fuel and being eco friendly at the same time is  a great combination and, with all of it’s features it is no wonder it has won so many awards.


If you have any questions about the Ford EcoSport, email me or click on this link to view more details via the Ford website.

All photos taken by ME.


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