Before I leave for my weekend away I thought I would share one of my shoots with JHB based blogger, Teeteeiswithme. Whether I visit another city, or someone visits mine, I love shooting with people in different locations be it a different location for THEM or a new space for me. There is just something about it!

Thithi and I met early one morning in Sea Point to shoot this look. I suggested this location for it’s awesome checkered floor and geometric lines. I generally start with a more posed look first so that people can warm up to the camera and shoot the more spontaneous looks from then on. This was our first look so I suggested a more simple pose and used the shapes and lines to create a more serious, structured story. If you look at our second outfit here you will notice how different it is, with Thithi smiling and adding movement we created a new scene once we were “warmed up”.2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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  1. erikadvm says:

    Great location and beautiful outfit;)

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