Autumn Life with Vida


I recently shot for a local brand which can be found in YDE stores called “VIDA”. Our shoot was inspired by autumn florals so we collected neutral coloured flowers and half dried proteas and rose petals and went wild at the shoot! I wanted to offer them something different so after seeing their brief of falling rose petals, I had everyone get involved and throw proteas and petals for shots. I did this to add movement to the images which would then add life (Vida) to the story. We wanted to capture an autumn theme but did not want the shoot to be dull so I felt that the movement and placement of flowers was very important to keep the shoot exciting and lively.

Finally, in post production, I used close up photos of the flowers that were taken on the day of the shoot and layered them into the images to create soft, feminine, autumn hues. It added something special to the final image by using the actual flowers from the day of the shoot!

final2 final3 final4 final5 final6 final7 final8 final9 final10

Behind the scenes:

I snapped a beauty shot of Roxanne, when I released this on social media I had a ton of people see Rihanna in this – agreed!! How stunning is Roxy?! Add her on instagram for updates on her busy modeling career and daily videos – @roxcizzle


Our amazing makeup artist hard at work…IMG_0126

She became my assistant at times…IMG_0047

Gailene, getting involved and styling her clothing.IMG_0015

The team behind the shoot. What a fantastic bunch of ladies to work with. Lots of fun and chit chat was had on set – I look forward to working with you all again soon!bts x0x0

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