1bw I recently shot a street style shoot for vida e caffe. It was a fun shoot where we wanted to capture an on-the-go coffee orientated lifestyle. I photographed each model strutting the streets of Cape Town as if they were rushing to work and then had them both sit and chat while I captured a “coffee catch up” over friends. One of my favourite things to do is shoot at coffee shops and it has become a “thing” where I suggest to simply meet for coffee and see what we can capture while chatting. I enjoy the spontaneity of the venue which comes with its own surprises as well as getting to know the subject better and in return I receive better images as they forget that the camera is there, and allow me to capture their true personality. 2 3bw 4

Our models for the morning were Londeka and Alwyn – they did a fantastic job of getting into character and imagining that they were late for work or talking on their phones. I was a lovely morning and we all sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee afterwards.7 9 11

Behind the scenes:

IMG-20150331-WA0001 IMG-20150331-WA0004 IMG-20150331-WA0002

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