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I shot this story for Baked the Blog recently. We were extremely lucky with the weather because when Aish and I met to discuss our ideas, she said she wanted a misty morning shoot. I laughed and told her that it will more than likely not be misty so she should not get her heart set on the idea, but when we woke up that morning and arrived at our location we were blessed with a gorgeous thick mist that began to clear as we shot and gave us the most amazing light – exactly as Aisha envisioned!!2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I enjoyed shooting a sporty look for a change, and captured more of a moment while running rather than asking Aisha to jump and model like most sports looks are shot at the moment. We opted for a more natural feel and I found myself just standing and capturing Aisha as she did her thing – chose her favourite song, rested, stretched etc. 9 10 11 12

Aisha is running a competition to win a voucher for Cotton On Body so be sure to follow this link if you haven’t entered yet!

Stay Fit!



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