Capturing the Sunshine with @birdlineblog

Nadia and I shot a few of her outfits just before I dashed off to JHB for shoots last week. We shot in the morning light where my lens captured the most beautiful light rays. These images have almost no editing – I just loved the light in this story! Visit Nadia’s blog for the outfit details … IMG_2794 IMG_2798 IMG_2799x IMG_2804 IMG_2807 IMG_2809 IMG_2811 IMG_2817 IMG_2827

If you are interested in my photoshoots this month I will be posting about what I have been up to soon! I had such fun in JHB and I cannot wait to share the images with you all. I would also like to post another “how to” story for aspiring photographers or “phonetographers” so if you have any questions about photography, be sure to tweet me and I will write about it next and answer all of your questions!



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