Fashion x Fiesta

Many of you may not know that my craze for cars, fashion and photography comes from way back in my family history. Sometimes I feel like I simply cannot help it, it is in my genes and it is meant to be. My great Grandfather worked with Ford for many years, he was a mechanic and a car fanatic like me. I never thought I would be working with the same brand, in a different way, just like him! My Great Great Grandfather was passionate about photography and took the most amazing photos of family and holidays. My grandfather raced cars when he was younger and he is the reason why I am so passionate about cars and photography today. It was all thanks to my grandfather who gave me my first digital camera and dslr film camera for my visits to Port Elizabeth to watch the VW rally. I looked forward to it every year and took tons of photos while I was there – be it his classic car collection or the performance cars on the rally – he saw something in my photography and urged me to study it!

At the same time, my close family loved 4x4ing. I spent a lot of time out of school traveling South Africa in the 4×4 – this is where my love for adventure and the outdoors came from. I fell in love with shooting landscapes and decided to study photography to be a landscape/wildlife/travel photographer…

College lead me into fashion and I spent years trying to tie fashion and car photography together. Finally, I have a brand that allows me to link the two passions every so often…

When Aisha told me that she was testing the Ford Fiesta I first felt slightly jealous that she got to drive this amazing, fuel efficient car; and then came the thousands of image ideas flashing through my mind. How could we shoot this differently to everyone else, where, when – Team Baked the Blog Road Trip!

Aisha and I had such fun driving around in the Fiesta – we would laugh every time we found ourselves talking about the car and reviewing it while we drove (two fashion girls talking in Top Gear language?!) We both realized that we have a love for cars and come from motor industry backgrounds, slightly different knowledge and passion but the same common concept of cars! We decided to create a page on her blog called “girl torque” where we can bring you reviews and information about the things girls really want to know about cars – the colour, the technology, the seat warmers etc. I hope you all enjoy this as much as we do…

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Watch this space for my own car shoot celebrating the new Focus ST and summer! I cannot wait to release it!

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