Summer is here

Summer arrived with a gorgeous, well organized shoot for Nicole Martine Beachwear at a beautiful venue in the Cape Town CBD.

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Our model was one of my top favourite SA models, Morgan Shelley. When I heard that she would be our model, I knew that this was going to be a good shoot. Nicole and I met a few times before the shoot, planning and exchanging ideas. This makes a huge difference when the client is as passionate about the shoot as I am. Her brand produces high quality, classic beachwear for a seaside lifestyle. Her sarong towels were my favourite products being a towel on the one side but when flipped can be used as a beautiful sarong. Her attention to detail and quality shows in her designs and products and I simply can’t wait to get my hands on a Nicole Martine Product this summer.

Here are a few images from our shoot:

IMG_7011 IMG_7015 IMG_7037 IMG_7132 IMG_7204 IMG_7295

Behind the scenes:


Thanks @extbyeva for the beautiful makeup and behind the scenes collage!



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