Chasing Butterflies with @ChianoSky


I have wanted to shoot with Chiano for quite some time and was excited for our Cape Town collaboration while she visited the city on holiday. Because she was taking time off work, and our concept was spontaneous; I thought I would treat us to an adventure with butterflies and capture our time there rather than set up a formal shoot with outfits, stylists and a set shot list. We made our way to the butterflies and I captured our experience. 2 3 4

We spent about 3 hours looking at the butterflies, chatting and hoping that some would land on Chiano – most of them landed on my camera but I managed to capture a few moments where they flew near her and sat on her. I loved the lighting and the colors in this shoot and thoroughly enjoyed shooting so spontaneously. Every once in a while I refresh my creative mind by planning a shoot at a certain location and shoot with no direction but rather capture the scene. We had lots of laughs on this shoot & I look forward to our next collaboration (a more dramatic, edgy concept that I cannot wait to shoot!)5x 6

It was so lovely to meet and photograph one of my top fave SA artists, a beautiful person inside and out.

Who is your favourite SA personality? Comment or tweet me !fb

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