Ford Mustang

My final fashion shoot for 2015 was a special one. It featured one of my favourite designers and was based on the 2015 Ford Mustang.

My vision for the shoot was to capture the similarity between the car and model. I wanted to portray the speed, curves and sexiness of the car – being a muscle car I wanted to add a strong feminine feel throughout but keep it’s edgy, fierce reputation.


Courtney Cousins did a great job in modeling for the shoot. She really understood my concept and I feel that both the model and car were complimentary. We styled the shoot with boho/gypsy-like pieces from her clothing range and I shot the story in a neutral, open landscape which brought about an American feel. I wanted to take the reputation that the iconic Mustang already had and add my own flair.

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Shooting the mustang was a huge honour and a fantastic end to my 2015. Being so passionate about cars, this was not just any other shoot for me, but rather a bucket list moment, a milestone in my photography and an amazing experience. 13 14

Behind the scenes:


If you could photograph & drive any car, what would YOUR dream car be? Tweet me @tegzphotography


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