@RawExplosions x SportsLuxe

I shot with Simone a few weeks ago and was so inspired by this outfit I went out and bought my first tight fitting skirt. Simone changed my view of this entire outfit as I always thought that I would look short wearing a skirt like this and I didn’t have the right figure. She styled her outfit with sneakers and a flowing shirt that really complimented her figure. Very rarely do I feel that I can actually pull of the amazing outfits I shoot but this particular outfit really inspired me.

Simone has shot with me a few times and we have become more and more creative with each shoot as Simone gets more comfortable in front of the camera. I enjoyed shooting this look as we added some movement and different poses to the usual. I love the neutral backdrop too!

Simone is a prime example of a “dream” client who completely trusts me and practices new poses that work for her prior to the shoot. Thank you Simone, for practicing and making our jobs easier!

Do you practice your poses?



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