@fabufitSA inspiration

I shot for http://www.fabufit.co.za early one morning. I loved shooting this look with a clean beach backdrop and soft morning light. Wardah wrote a lovely piece for this look on her blog and on the day of shooting she inspired me to try out something new – fitness doesn’t always happen in the gym or through intense running. She made me realize that there are so many fun things to do that keep you fit & this series shows us what they are. So far, she has spoken about surfing (something I love, but don’t often get to do) and the next few looks give you a few more exciting ideas that I had never thought of.

This weekend I am going to hire a bicycle and take a ride on the promenade, something I have never done before. What are you going to do?  Maybe combine a ValentinesDay activity with a fitness activity! Tweet me @tegzphotography

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