#OOTD with @BaileySchneider

Bailey released our final images from our look post shoot on her blog yesterday. Head on over to her blog to see the rest of the shoot … http://vanillablonde.co.za

We shot on a gorgeous sunny morning in Cape Town and decided to find locations as we shot. I loved the business of this location, as if I captured her on any other day, strutting the streets on Cape Town. I loved the colours of this look, I never used to like this colour, but it is interesting how we change and our taste in fashion & colours change along with us. My wardrobe now has several shades of this colour, up until 2 years ago I would have never even looked at it in the shops.

On our shoot, Bailey and I discussed how we change without even noticing. At one point, we wouldn’t be found dead in that one item of fashion, but 5 years down the line, you look at yourself, and you’re wearing that item daily. We had a good laugh at these sorts of moments!! Bailey wrote about changing this look from day to night… see how she changed this night look into a day look on her website…

Looking forward to our next shoot!



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