Being a freelancer can be quite lonely at times, especially if you work from home. Some days – those pure admin days – I find myself talking to the first person for the day at 6pm! I am sure many freelancers can relate, and this is why most of us turn to coffee shops where we can work with a buzzing noise or work with fellow influencers and socialize. I was very keen to have a look at the new Work and Co workspace and so I tested it out for 3 days this week.


On my first day, I worked in the “freelancer area” which is lined with pinterest-looking white desks and succulents. The look is minimalistic, clean, yet fun as it is complimented with patterned walls and a gorgeous wooden table which is more of a social table for everyone to sit opposite each other and work. The space is something I would love my office to look like and I felt very comfortable working there. Soft background music and a helpful, friendly receptionist greets you as you arrive – this good attitude really helps when one has to edit and answer emails on a gorgeous sunny day – it makes you want to be in the space and work!

Coffee & tea is complimentary and all kitchen utensils are supplied so one can enjoy a snack while working.

Is the wifi really that fast? Yes it is. I realized how deprived I am at home once I sent my first batch of files. So, how does one get to use this amazing space full of creatives and great internet? Click the link below to have all of your questions answered:


I loved how they catered for everyone from the 9-5pm office worker, to the freelancer like myself who would opt for the “Fiver” which allows me to visit 5 times a month to work, hold meetings, work between shoots and events etc and finally, the “Daily” for those who need only 1 day to use the space.

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