@BaileySchneider #OOTD photoshoot

Bailey and I shot this look on a chilly weekday morning. I loved the gloomy clouds that created a soft light for us to shoot in. Her look was natural and minimal just like our location and it all worked perfectly together. 1

When I begin shooting with a new client, we always shoot straight forward, simple poses; and as we shoot more and more we become more creative and adventurous in our poses and ideas. This shoot was one of those where we decided to add movement and jumps – being a sporty shoot, we simply had to try it. It takes a lot of practice to capture a good movement and sometimes the first try doesn’t work. It is difficult to focus on jumping beautifully, pointing your toes and keeping a pretty face but Bailey did a great job at our first try.2

Bailey does some wonderful beauty hacks and DIY videos online and she whipped this hair style up quickly, making it look all too easy! It added a lovely detail to her sporty outfit.


Looking forward to shooting again soon!



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