@kimlynsisam through my lens

I met up with Kimlyn for a quick outfit shoot last week. She received the most amazing lip colour from Manic Panic that matched her hair colour – and I just had to shoot it!3

We met up one weekday morning before she had to go to work, Kimlyn does the makeup for Afternoon Express, Expresso Morning Show and Top Billing, so I was very happy to be able to shoot between her busy schedule. She has an awesome instagram account, snapchat and youtube account where she posts tips and tricks as well as some awesome makeup ideas on her quieter days. 57

I wanted to photograph Kimlyn in a neutral space and asked her to wear all black so that her hair colour “popped” in the images. 8912

Thank you for meeting up with me Kimlyn!



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  1. Tamlyn Jacobus says:

    Her hair isn’t the only thing popping, I see that highlight girl and damn, it’s a thing of beauty!
    As always, stunning images Tegan!

    1. I know right, her makeup was flawless!!

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