@rawexplosions #OOTD

Simone from Raw Explosions Blog wrote a lovely piece on this look here where she explained her love for caps as well as conceptualizing a shoot and pushing her boundaries creatively.

I love how honest her blog posts are, especially in her recent one where she reveals that she is not a tennis player, but wanted to shoot on a tennis court – because, why not?! I always look forward to opening Simone’s emails as I know an exciting idea and mood board awaits. This shoot was great to capture as we shot early in the morning and played with light and shadow. I’ve been shooting in the shadows for too long, and this outfit forced me to embrace the location and the light. What resulted was this:


Thanks, Simone, for always being willing to push your personal boundaries and trust me as your photographer, let’s not forget how organized you are! Here’s to many more ideas and fake tennis games!



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