Thigh high with @rawexplosions


I photographed this awesome outfit for Raw explosions Blog this month. We shot on a tennis court to create a sports luxe feel. I decided to shoot through the court fence as it created a sense of texture and layering to the images. I love how the fence complimented the sexy thigh high boots, it was the classier version of fish net stockings and almost became a part of the outfit as I used it as a prop and shot through it and against it. I thoroughly enjoyed getting creative with this outfit & Simone pulled it off so well! 2x4578

Happy Monday all, may your week be as awesome as Simone’s styling in this look post!

I will be visiting Port Elizabeth at the end of the week, be sure to tell your friends who live there, I am looking forward to shooting in the gorgeous, friendly city for two days of my stay!



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