How to be photo-ready in 28 days : Kiehl’s High 5 Range

As a photographer, I work with all different skin types – dry, oily, pigmented, perfect, smooth, combination -the list goes on. I have huge respect for the talented makeup artists I work with who know exactly what to cover and what to highlight. Once the flawless makeup has been done, I then capture the concept of the shoot and the editing begins…

Clients often ask me what they can do to capture the perfect selfie, what editing tools to use as well as what makeup routine is best. They also ask me how they can prepare for a shoot and have perfect photo-ready skin.  Some of us are gifted with perfect skin, others are gifted with makeup skills and together we can exchange our tips and tricks to have perfect, flawless skin.

I believe the guide to photo-ready skin begins right at the source – your daily skin routine. If you perfect your skin routine and correct your complexion, that would be the canvas to the perfect makeup look as well as the perfect “photoshopped” selfie, right? I have decided to take on the Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin challenge to find out if one can perfect their complexion in just 28 days and be ready for the camera!


I am very excited to begin this challenge with Kiehl’s. I am familiar with the brand and am keen to see if my skin can be corrected in 28 days! I will be trying out the  following products:

 1. Midnight Recovery Concentrate RRSP 755.00
2. Dermatologist Solutions™ Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution RRSP 700.00
3. Dermatologist Solutions™ Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing RRSP 825.00
4. Creamy Eye Treatment with Avo RRSP 385.00
5. Ultra Facial Moisturizing Cream RRSP 355.00

My complexion is currently a combination of dry and oily – winter does that to my skin and I am yet to find a full product range that helps. I am currently using a mixture of products that seem to work.I also suffer from a few blemishes and pigmentation from being in the sun too often! Finally, the dreaded fine lines have started appearing and I am being told that I look exhausted when I am actually  feeling great ! – help Kiehl’s!

I will be using 5 iconic products that hydrate, moisturize, correct, treat and replenish your skin and will be documenting my thoughts weekly. I will finalize my thoughts at the end of the challenge with an exciting beauty shoot as well as a before and after photo of my skin. Throughout the 28 days I will be sharing my reviews and images via the #highfivetogreatskin and #changeyourskin so be sure to follow and see if you can change your skin in 28 days!

 Let’s get photo ready together!

 Here’s my “before” photo which I will pair with my after photo in my final review!


Week 1 Review:

I’ve used the following products for 1 week and have found the following:

 1. Midnight Recovery Concentrate RRSP 755.00

This product smells great. It is easy to lather and you only need a small amount per use. I love the use of the dropper so that one does not use too much. The product is absorbed by the skin quickly leaving a fresh, clean feeling.

4. Creamy Eye Treatment with Avo RRSP 385.00

This cream has a lovely fragrance and is green in colour. The added avocado oil moisturizes the eye area  and soaks into the skin quickly. A small amount goes a long way and the cream does not spread into the eyes.

2. Dermatologist Solutions™ Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution RRSP 700.00

This product has a beautiful fragrance and is quite watery when applying. It spreads evenly throughout the skin and does not leave a feeling of having product on the skin. It soaks in immediately. I focused on areas on pigmentation when applying this product – my forehead mainly to correct sun damage as well as my cheeks and nose. I am excited to see the final results of this product!

3. Dermatologist Solutions™ Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing RRSP 825.00

When lathered onto the skin it leaves a silky texture before soaking in to the skin. When this product is applied you feel a warm, tingling on your skin. I liked the feeling as it makes you feel as though it is getting to work immediately after application! I am most excited to see the results for this product.

5. Ultra Facial Moisturizing Cream RRSP 355.00

The cream has almost no fragrance which I love! It gives one a feeling that the product is pure. The cream is extremely hydrating and is soaked up by the skin after a little while. Once again, a little goes a long way. Since using the moisturizing cream I have no dry areas  which was an on-going battle for me for many years.

Overall review:

I am loving the products due to their fragrance and the fact that one only needs a tiny amount of product to go a long way. After two days I saw a difference in my skin – it was clearer than before and my dry skin areas had disappeared. My skin is extremely sensitive and reacts to most skin products I have used. This is the first product that my skin has not reacted to and has improved problem areas. I look forward to seeing the results at the end of my 28 day challenge!


Week 3 review:

Night routine review:

  1. Midnight Recovery ConcentrateIMG_20160801_082001I have a combination skin – dry in some places and oily on my forehead. When I first started the 28 day challenge I was reluctant to add more oil to my skin. What I found was that this beautifully fragranced liquid balanced my skin’s condition and did not leave an oily feeling when waking up in the morning. My skin felt extremely soft and hydrated.


IMG_20160801_082113After applying the Elixir oil product, I would lightly dab the avocado based eye cream around my eye area. I would let it soak in as I went to bed. I love the smoothness and smell of the cream. It is easy to spread and did not irritate my eyes. Due to my sensitive skin, my eyes are the first to react and with this particular cream, they have been less “puffy” and more hydrated.

Day time routine review:

  1. Line Reducing Concentrate


I apply this product first onto a clean fresh face every morning. My main concerns are my fine lines on my forehead and above my one eye brow, yes only the one eyebrow. I apply it to my problem areas as well as the areas that I want to prevent fine lines – lip lines and both brows. This product warms on the skin and once applied it feels as though you have a protective layer over your pores. I have noticed that my fine lines have reduced after using this product. My skin looks more youthful.

2. Corrective Dark Spot SolutionIMG_20160802_120224Next I apply the watery solution onto my skin. All the women in my family suffer from dark spots from my younger sister to my great grandmother therefore I am truly grateful for this product. Looking closely at my skin I have already noticed that my spots on my nose and forehead are less noticeable. This product spreads easily on top of the Line Reducing concentrate. I put these two products on and allow them to soak in / dry before applying my face cream.

3. Ultra Facial CreamIMG_20160802_115839Once the previous two products have dried and it feels as though I do not have any product on my skin (my pet hate), I apply the Facial Cream. One only needs a tiny amount to cover the entire face and neck. This cream has helped hydrate my skin and is extremely soft on sensitive skin like mine. I have had absolutely no reactions which is a huge surprise as I am allergic to most skin products.

I am very impressed with these 5 products. Half way through my #28daychallenge I can already see a difference in my skin. It is happier and more balanced and I am feeling more confident to take part on those #NoMakeupMonday challenges! My skin all in all is clearer and more radiant than ever.IMAG5346

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