@kiabe in JHB

Kiabe and I finally shot together! She booked me a few months ago while visiting Cape Town, and with a swimwear shoot in mind, Cape Town had other plans for us. On the day of her shoot it poured with rain and we were forced to postpone. While I visited JHB last month, we decided to shoot other outfits instead – Murphey’s Law our shoot day arrived and again, it poured with rain! We were lucky to have shot in soft on/off drizzle with gorgeous soft lighting and finally, we captured this look! … 12345

I was thankful for the moody light as it made the blue dress colour POP. It also gave us a beautiful minimal looking shoot and as I always explain to clients, everything happens for a reason. If the clouds appear – at least we have good lighting, if the wind picks up – at least we have a flowing dress. Always work with what you are given 🙂678x9101112

Looking forward to more rainy shoots, Kiabe 😉




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