What’s in store for 2017?

Wow, it’s already the 6th of Jan and I haven’t had a chance to post ! Just like 2016, the year is already flying by and all I can do is hang on tight and focus on the future! I thought I would share my top shoots for 2016 as well as a few goals for 2017. At the end of every year I like to return to the blog post and see how accurate I was in achieving my goals.

First things first! Every single one of my shoots is a highlight for me, I put in 100% effort and passion into all my shoots no matter how big or small they are. I worked with awesome new personalities and built friendships with inspirational people who share the same amount of passion and excitement in their lives as I do in mine.

66xx115124xn419144421022w45x8I got to work with some really awesome personalities last year, and this year I hope to shoot with them again as well as add a few new names onto my list. A huge thank you is owed to all of you who booked me for street style shoots and press portrait updates, it was an honour to work with you all!

I thoroughly enjoyed my car shoots and hope to add more brands and different types of cars to my portfolio this year. I have a few cars on my “must photograph list” and I hope to tick them off one my one in 2017! Porsche, Jaguar F-type (my dream car) and Ford RS are just some of the cars I would love to capture in 2017!

I aim to take more behind the scenes photos and videos this year. I was so busy in 2016, with back to back shoots, that I didn’t take the time to capture the Behind The Scenes to share on my blog like I used to- I know many of you enjoyed this so I will be sure to share more of that!


I also aim to wait less. I spend most of my shoots waiting 30 mins or more for my clients, usually due to traffic or slow make up artists. This year I am going to be more strict about this and check with the client and artist that they have set their makeup times realistically. Time is everything and arriving at a shoot all flustered and apologizing for being late puts a dampening on the shoot.


Travel! I want to travel more! Be it local or international I want to travel more this year! 2015 was a great year of traveling for me, I visited JHB almost every month and got to shoot with my regular JHB clients often, 2016 flew by and before I knew it, it was August and I hadn’t visited JHB yet. This year I aim to visit JHB more, add Durban to my list of work travel and well as Singapore and Dubai – I have so many clients I hope to visit and shoot for there!


2016 was an awesome year for me, I only hope to add a little extra icing to the cake that is 2017. Wishing you all a fantastic year, and thanking you for the support so far!

PS. Watch this space for blog updates on my December shoots!



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