@shearamurphy x @spiritactivewearsa

I decided to push my boundaries (concept-wise) recently and approached Sheara and Spirit Activewear SA to see if they were keen to collaborate. Spirit Activewear makes the most amazing full piece swimwear and, after purchasing one last year I just knew I HAD to shoot her newer designs on a model. Personally, I often find my photographic style quite “safe” so I knew that the only way to pull off this shoot and give the Full Piece justice, I would need to be a lot more edgy and have fun with the concept.

Sheara was an amazing model and we got these shots within 30 mins. I was really happy with the outcome. I wanted edgy shots that were high contrast so we met near to midday to use the harsher sunlight. I absolutely never thought I would actually WANT that terrible midday light, but it worked well in this instance.

Here are some of the shots that resulted…


I enjoy shooting my own concepts every now and then. It is important to be creative on your own accord every now and then rather than continuously shooting according to a client’s brief. It’s shoots like these that keep you inspired and loving your career!

Thank you for working with me you two! Keep a look out for Spirit Activewear SA’s new sportswear range – I cannot wait for it to launch!

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