Chad and I meet up for a quick street style shoot recently. When it comes to my one outfit street style shoots, I’ve learnt to keep them quick and effortless. A few familiar faces book me for these shoots and most of the time, it’s last minute and in between meetings or flights etc. I have had to acquire the skills to capture the right shots well and FAST. Chad and I shot these pics in literally 5 minutes before he had to dash off to his next gig. In these sorts of shoots, location is key. Some times the location needs to be near to the person’s next appointment, sometimes it needs to be selected due to the time of day that the shoot HAS to take place. Sometimes I don’t get to choose these locations and times at all and have to make do with what is chosen as the meeting place for me – it all adds to experience and betters you as a professional photographer.

Back to Chad’s shoot—> Chad asked me to choose an area that was near to his studio, we planned the shoot suddenly and an hour later we met up for 5 minutes which resulted in about 10 awesome shots! I loved his style in this shoot. Simple yet edgy and fashionable, I chose a uniform background so that he stood out in front of the dark trees which shaded him from the harsh midday light. I also enjoyed capturing him in the space naturally, not posed. I like to allow the person to do what they like – stand, pose, move around, check their phones – in that way, you’re capturing their true personality, rather than creating a concept like one does with a model — I loved this aspect of the shoot. This is Chad:12x367x9x111315

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