#myhairmyway with @dove_sa & @rawexplosions

1When Simone contacted me to shoot this outfit, I was very excited. Not only was it her usual awesome style we were going to capture BUT her beautiful hair too. Simone shared her hair story on her blog here. 3Last month I attended a Dove launch in Johannesburg where I was honored to be a speaker at the event. I shared my hair journey along with a few other inspiring ladies. Until then, I never realized how important one’s hair is – what it says about you, how it makes you feel, why you choose to style it the way it is. I really enjoyed this campaign, not only from the photographic side of things, but also being able to meet some wonderful ladies and hear their stories of struggles and achievements – which all revolved around their hair. 5911Check out Simone’s story via her blog and watch this space for MY Dove portraits that I took last month. I will be sharing some of them along with the ladies’ stories and advice which has been a huge inspiration for many!


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