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31I recently shot 10 gorgeous outfits for Kimmy’s 10 day Style Diary for Glamour Magazine. We shot early one Saturday morning, as the light changed and got harsher, we moved to the shadows of the city where we captured this beautiful blue-toned outfit. I loved the cold tones in this look – the purple lip colour worked well with the denim outfit and blue city scape. 32333435363740I enjoy shooting in between poses, this is when you capture the real moments. I captured this last shot right at the end of our shoot – Kimmy loved it as she said she never smiles, and usually doesn’t like her smile BUT when you truly smile or laugh – that is when you capture the most beautiful images. Sometimes a photoshoot needs to be felt,  not created. Enjoy the moment and let the photographer do the rest – you will be surprised at the results.

Next shoot goal: meet someone in a location and give NO direction, simply capture the moment and what the model decides to do. Capture movement, actions and the emotion. Who’s up for the challenge?



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  1. I love those in-between moments and I think capturing without direction is both intimidating and brilliant! Cannot wait to see the next instalment. I always look forward to your posts.

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