Swimwear with @candibod

Candice and I met up at sunrise to shoot a swimwear concept that she needed in order to announce some exciting news!

When we arrived, the gloomy clouds did too… I really loved the contrast between the sun shining on Candice and the dark grey clouds in the background…but as the image was for an island getaway announcement, we thought to maybe shoot a more “summery” option…Candice-6Candice-7I decided to switch my angle and shoot with the sun behind Candice. This eliminated the clouds from the shot as the sky was over exposed. I love the soft light the lens captured as I shot into the rising sun. The images came out as if it was a hot summer’s morning – no one would ever know that we were surrounded by the darkest stormy clouds. In post production I warmed up the images and gave them a feminine pink tint. Candice-10Candice-14Candice-19Candice-24I loved the simplicity of this look. The empty beach, the warm & soft lighting as well as the bacon Bikini that Candice wore which complimented her figure. I brought along my beach hat to offer Candice as a prop – we really loved the hat photos!

Below is a behind the scenes video of our shoot, give it a watch & be sure to subscribe to my channel!

Thanks for another awesome shoot Candice!

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