Head shots with Josie

Josie and I met in studio recently to shoot some head shots for per portfolio/ press photos. I opted for a very soft look for the images – I’m not a fan of the high-key lighting kind of studio shoots. I opted for one light with a white umbrella for a nice soft, evenly dispersement of light and then propped up two reflector boards to catch any harsh light bouncing around. I loved the soft grey background that this set up created and began shooting once Josie confirmed that she liked the style too!

When it comes to studio shoots, especially head shots, I like the portraits to have an authentic emotion to them, so I always talk to the client and ask questions that will bring out a natural feeling. Talking also allows the client to relax and forget about the lens, but rather speak to the person behind it – me 🙂

To bring out happy emotions, I always ask questions about things that I know the client enjoys – in this case, Josie loves travel so we chatted about her adventures and funny moments – and then SNAP! goes the shutter – to capture a real laugh ….

Thanks for a wonderful shoot Josie! We captured some gorgeous natural shots.



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  1. Lindsey Fourie says:

    Hi Tegan!

    I am absolutely inlove with your photos and your style of photography! Please can you send me a price list of all your different packages?

    Have a great day 🙂

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Lindsey

      Fabulous! Please email me so I may respond with my rates 🙂

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