4 photographers, 1 model = the 3 minute challenge

My first official Youtube vlog challenge was such fun! I chose to join the trending online challenge called – 4 photographers shoot 1 model – and then I decided to add an extra challenge – we only had 3 minutes to get the shot! 

I contacted Mishqa, Nina & Jess to see if they were up for the challenge. When they all said yes! I began planning the model, location and makeup details.

Our model was Pumz (@melanin.pumzz) , we had Amy (@amyloiuse_makeup_) on makeup as well as Chi Chi (@nailsbychichi) on nails. Chi Chi was up until 1am before the shoot day creating the perfect nails for the shoot.

The shoot

I chose Wijnland Auto Museum as our location. I liked the venue because they love having photographers visit, I love cars, there are tonnes of options for locations and, being an all girl team, it is safe

We all arrived at 9am and us photographers took a walk around to view the locations and claim one for each of us. Nina (@nina_zimolong) chose the first location which was a workshop. She shot first and then the rest of us each had a turn to shoot in her chosen area – only 3 minutes per person!

I just loved the dark, moody background. I decided to shoot with Pumz facing the open doorway to get a beautiful natural light on her face and therefore make the background even darker… How amazing were Chi Chi’s tyre tread nails?

These were my shots:

Location 2 was selected by Mishqa (@rhodagraph). Mishqa shot first, and again, the rest of us followed. I liked the dilapidated feel of location 2 but battled to choose between shooting in the shade vs full sun. I decided to capture both options as much as I could so that I could choose my favourite later on… changing the extreme settings between the sun & shade was a challenge when you’re pushed for time…

Here are my photos:


Location 3 was Jess’s (@jessthecreative) selection. Jess’s photographic style is colourful, hence her choice being a row of different colour VW Beetle’s. She chose the orange one specifically. It worked so well with Pumz’s outfit !

I liked this location a lot because we all shot very similarly (with so few options of angles etc) and it was very interesting to see how different our styles & “photographic eyes” were in the final edits.

I chose to shoot inside the car, through the window and then get some movement shots in front of it.

Here are my photos:


The last location was my choice. Wijnland Auto Museum has an aeroplane – it’s been photographed SO many times but how could we not shoot it?! I was most excited for this location but soon realised it would be the biggest challenge. If I wanted to shoot both inside and outside of the plane I would have 1.5 minutes to shoot in each section and I’d have to factor in running down the stairs – assisting a model who was scared of heights… (LOL.) I decided to start inside with my 50mm (which was a bad idea). Although my 50mm shoots well in low light, I didn’t factor in the small space I had so I battled to capture the inside of the plane AND the model.  I then quickly ran down the stairs and changed my lens (in 10 seconds) so that I could use my 24 – 105mm to capture the model and the entire plane. With only 30 seconds left I got my best shot of Pumz sitting on the stairs of the plane… phew!

Here are my images:

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who joined this fun shoot:


Photographers: Mishqa, Nina, Jess (above)

Makeup: Amy

Nails: Chi Chi

Time keeper: Mishqa (the other one LOL)

Assistant: Cheyenne Britten

Videographer: Ryan Scheltema (@rsdutch_photography)

You can follow any of the above people via their handles highlighted within this blog post.

Wanna see the outcome of the challenge, who photographed what? Someone get’s shocked on their booty (drama!) …. check out the below video:

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