Beachin’ with Zoe

Zoe and I shot on Sea Point beach early one morning. Normally, I’d opt for an extremely early start in order to capture a very soft morning light but now that summer is here… that would mean a 5am start!! Zoe and I agreed on 7am and decided to shoot at Sea Point which is hidden in the shadows of the building for quite some time before the sun gets too harsh. I loved the summer sunlight that fell on Zoe as we shot… it gave the images a lively, summery feel and made Zoe’s outfit colours pop!

I was sure to shoot with the sun behind Zoe, which avoided harsh shadows on her face and also gave her a beautiful glow as the sun shone on her from behind… I then decided to finish off with a few shots on the shaded stairs for some soft light options…

Thanks for another amazing shoot Zoe!!

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