Tule Shoot

I collaborated with Sharne Gouws and Chloe Hicks Makeup to create this beauty story using tule as the main prop.

I am known for my simple lighting set ups and followed Lara Jade & Anita Sadowska’s “One Light” set up for this shoot.

I was always self conscious about my one light set up, but continued to use it (about 7 years now) because I just loved the result. I bought Lara Jade’s lighting workshop online recently and she reassured me that my set up (which I have been self conscious about for so long) is really ok and used by so many other photographers. There are many ways to light a scene and I recently learned that it really doesn’t matter HOW you go about getting the shot… all that matters is the final shot & the happy client — this is SO true!

Us photographers – professional & amateur photographers – need not be so hard on ourselves! Remember, at the end of the day photography is ART and YOU are the artist, so create your work with confidence no matter what you use to get to the final shot.

I loved being creative with the different shades of tule. Chloe did such an amazing job with Sharne’s makeup, I was super happy with the collaboration.

When I plan a collaboration I contact creatives with my concept & mood board and allow them to bring their own creative input to the shoot. For this shoot I allowed Chloe 100% creative freedom and this was the result….

I hope to inspire you all … in the meantime, I’ll be here continuing to use my one light set up …(lol)


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