Boho Maternity Shoot

I was honoured to photograph Britt’s Maternity shoot, not only because she’s my sister but also because it is SUCH a special memory to document. We opted for a simple boho themed concept – I always believe in simplicity with these kinds of shoots. It’s more about capturing the emotion.

I found a location that had a dry field (exactly what we were looking for) and then timed it that we shot just before the sun went behind the mountain.

I switched between my lenses to allow the background to feature or be blurred at times in order to focus on special details.

I always ask couples to bring along a few props which are great to start with in order for the couple to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Once the couple have loosened up and are enjoying the shoot, I direct them to do more natural movements such as walking, laughing at a joke and enjoying the moment together. This is what I captured with Britt & Matt:

Thank you for allowing me to freeze such a special moment in time, Britt & Matt.



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