Virtual Photoshoot

Aisha and I met up online to challenge ourselves to a virtual photoshoot. I came across the idea on youtube which inspired me to contact Aisha and plan something great!

We used FaceTime to shoot and I screengrabbed the shots as we went. I then added my grading and these images were the result.

We faced a few challenges such as her phone continually refocusing as well as a moment where her video was upside down on my screen (lol) but we eventually came right and had the best time shooting!

I was pretty impressed with the quality considering the images were screen grabs of a phone video…

Click on the above video to see how we did it!


  • Have good wifi for a sharp video
  • Choose a location with good lighting
  • Have a tripod for your phone OR use your laptop to make sure you have a stable set up

For bookings – email me via

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  1. Russel says:

    It’s a great idea! Not only are you challenged as a photographer and an editor – and to do it on the spot with what you have in your hand.

    1. Yes it is a great challenge and a lovely story to tell one day!

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