Coffee Date

While in JHB a little while ago I shot with a long time client and friend, Londam Holland Blog.

Our first few outfits were shot in Parkhurst along the street.  Spontaneously we decided to shoot at a coffee shop for the last outfit, the perfect excuse for a proper catch up over coffee AND getting a shoot done!

I loved the red backdrop that the coffee shop offered in the images, it went perfectly with Nok’s outfit. The lighting was gorgeous and gave her skin a beautiful glow. I loved how this shoot captured a moment more than just the outfit she was wearing – THAT is what my shoots are about!

tumblr_inline_ni2j0iImCI1r2xaaq tumblr_inline_ni2jatjLjw1r2xaaq tumblr_inline_ni2jcctksn1r2xaaq tumblr_inline_ni2jda2otr1r2xaaq tumblr_inline_ni2jf0cLir1r2xaaq tumblr_inline_ni2jgtQlk41r2xaaq tumblr_inline_ni2jmp2NoL1r2xaaq If you are living in JHB and would like to shoot with me, email me and join my mailing list so that I may let you know when I visit next!



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